100 million views for Armada Music on YouTube

100 million views for Armada Music on YouTube

July 24th, 2009

Today, it’s time for some champagne, cause we’ve reached more than 100 million views on our YouTube channel! With an average of half a million views a day, the Armada Music channel continues to be the most viewed dance music channel on YouTube. And we’re more than proud of achieving that!

The channel contains almost 400 videos, of which Armin van Buuren’s award-winning music video of ‘In & Out of Love’ alone has realized more than 26 million views. Hit single ‘No Stress’ by Frenchman Laurent World adds another 15 million to that. ‘In & Out of Love’ even holds the first position on the Dutch Top 10 of most viewed videos all-time, in both the ‘Music’ category and all others . Laurent Wolf is listed fifth on the same Top 10 in the Music category.

All subscribers are kept up to date with all activities on the channel. The number of subscriptions have been doubled within only a few months, from 27.000 to 54.000. Within a year, we’ve expanded our channel extensively, with an increasing number of special features, music videos, interviews, reports, single releases and album previews. As an official YouTube partner, YouTube provides links to iTunes on the Armada videos, which encourages the visitors to download legally. ‘Of the recent additions to the YouTube platform this is what we like most’ says Maykel Piron, managing director of Armada Music.

For more information and all of our videos, check the Armada Music YouTube channel!