Single of the Week: Josh Gabriel – Rubber

Single of the Week: Josh Gabriel – Rubber

July 20th, 2009

Josh Gabriel

Right at home is where Josh Gabriel’s new tech-house track ‘Rubber’ will find its way out to the rest of the world.
The sixth particle of the already impressive Different Pieces catalogue comes from the hands of its label owner, Josh Gabriel. Gabriel, backed up with a staggering 25 years of music involvement, chose to go solo in 2008. Waving off his successful career as part of the legendary Gabriel & Dresden duo, he made a swift change from the namely trance-oriented to a challenging tech-house minded sound. Though the change has caused quite a bit of awing round the scene, he received a warm welcome with his walk upon this new path. Testing his abilities to the fullest, it’s clear there’s a whole lot more to Josh Gabriel than meets the first listen.

Indefinable and different would be the exact right words to describe the follow-up to Gabriel’s ‘Tone Program EP’. However, the name ‘Rubber’ couldn’t have been more fitting to this heavily distorted techno blend of sounds. A thick, stretched out whirl of bass, kicks and melodic stabs keep order in housy chaos, as ‘Rubber’ looks to be one of the major dance floor destroyers in the following summer months.

1. Rubber