Flashback album: M.I.K.E.’s London ’07

Flashback album: M.I.K.E.’s London ’07

June 25th, 2009

This week, we’ve got our very own M.I.K.E. in the spotlights for the Flashback album! With his brand new ‘Global Age’ Push album out since last week, it’s time to discover his past releases as well. We offer you Mike’s ‘London ’07′ for only €7,99!

Belgian producer/DJ M.I.K.E. got involved with music at the age of 16. Never would he have guessed to be ending up as one of the most respected musicians 15 years later. Known for his techy trance blends and strong significant upfront productions, he grew out to a major player in the dance scene.

By producing under more than 60 aliases, Mike showed to be able to combine and get involved with different styles without weakening his sound. Mostly known for his legendary Push productions, such as ‘Universal Nation’ and ‘The Legacy’, Mike was more than welcome to become part of the Armada Music family in 2004. It was that year, in which he started his own imprint, Club Elite, at Armada, as a platform to new talent and many of his own brain-waves.

Three successful years later, shortly after his ‘Live in Antwerp’ album, he released another album containing one of his many steamy live sets at the London ‘Gallery’ Club. On ‘London ’07′, M.I.K.E. fires away with upfront tech trance and electric twists! An absolutely must-have for M.I.K.E. fans!