Flashback: Classical Trancelations

Flashback: Classical Trancelations

June 18th, 2009

This week, we’ve got another blast from the past to hit your speakers. We offer Classical Trancelations for the tasty price of only € 7,99!

The main components of trance music have always been classical music. The influences have been there from the very beginning. Soft strings, piano, a big dose of drama and sensitive keys will always be part of trance music. Classical Trancelations honors this fusion of styles, and mixes up several genres to bring forth a timeless, indefinable sound.

Classical Trancelations is a translation of classical music, reformed, remixed, edited and lifted to a totally different level. Some of the biggest classical pieces, by Mozart, Back, Beethoven, Chopin and many other famous composers, returned in an EDM outfit. With chill-out versions on the first cd and trance approaches on the second cd. Jan Vayne, Armin van Buuren, Mark Otten, Signum, Markus Schulz, Envio, Leon Bolier and many other big producers have proven that trance music has nothing to do with stolen beats and copied melodies, but is a re-inventing genre of its own.

Jan Vayne - Classical Trancelations, Vol. 1