Single of the Week: Tenishia – Everything

Single of the Week: Tenishia – Everything

April 28th, 2009


Maltese hot shot producer duo Tenishia continues to conquer the world with their tracks. Besides having success with their Tenishia LIVE shows in Malta, they’ve also left their marks on the scene with their excellent productions. ‘Outsiders’, ‘Reasons To Forgive’, ‘Invisible’ and the awarded ‘Burning From The Inside’ have now found their follow-up. ‘Everything’ is Tenishia’s new vocal track, possessing every element for a fit Coldharbour track. With the original mix progressive and slightly techy, it’s got peak-time written all over.

The Big Room Mix is slightly more proggy and fit for the dancefloors. However, it’s the Tim Grube remix that managed to found its way onto Markus Schulz’ Toronto ’09 compilation. This quickly arising talent from Miami is finding his way up and gave ‘Everything’ a completely different approach. More drums, more drama and more impact, on both the sub and vocal remix. A worthy addition to an already solid production by Tenishia.

1. Everything (Original Mix)
2. Everything (Big Room Mix)
3. Everything (Tim Grube Mix)
4. Everything (Tim Grube Dub)