A State of Trance Collected Extended Versions Vol. 4

A State of Trance Collected Extended Versions Vol. 4

March 31st, 2009

Almost of the same age as Armada Music itself, is Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance imprint. With the start of Armada Music, the ASOT label arose as one of the first pure trance labels around. The label doesn’t only stand for timeless, strong productions, but also keeps the trance sound alive by releasing fresh, innovative tracks by the new breed generation of trance producers. And we’re safe to say that trance truly isn’t dead, cause this imprint has its 120th release coming up and is still going strong.

This 4th Volume album is a collection of 20 A State of Trance records, straight from the 61th by Under Sun to the 80th of C-quence. This selection will certainly refresh the memory and proof their well-deserved status as some of the biggest trance-classics from the past two years. One thing’s for sure, the sounds of Leon Bolier, Envio, Absolute, Tom Cloud, Sophie Sugar, Signum, Robert Nickson and many more, have all been immortalized on the A State of Trance label. ‘A State of Trance Collected Extended Versions Vol. 4′ is a true collector’s item for every trance lover.

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ASOT061 Under Sun – Capoeira (Airbase pr. Scarab Remix)
ASOT062 Envio – For You
ASOT063 Leon Bolier & Elsa Hill – No Need To Come Back
ASOT064 Senses ft. Rtm – Contrast
ASOT065 Ahead – 3Gether
ASOT066 Leon Bolier pr. Surpresa – Poseidon
ASOT067 Absolute – Now & Ever (Main Mix)
ASOT068 Black Pearl – Bounty Island (DJ Shah’s San Antonio Harbour Mix)
ASOT069 Mannix vs. Kaymak- World Gone Mad
ASOT070 Tom Cloud ft. Tiff Lacey – Secretly (Dub Mix)

ASOT071 Signum – Harmonic
ASOT072 Sophie Sugar – Fallen Too Far
ASOT073 Sunlounger – Aquasblancas
ASOT074 Elevation – Blinding Truth
ASOT075 DJ Shah – Palmarosa
ASOT076 Signum – Syndicate
ASOT077 Hiroyuki ODA – Cataract
ASOT078 Robert Nickson- Motion Blur
ASOT079 Under Sun vs. Signum – Captured (Sebastian Brandt Remix)
ASOT080 C-Quence – Impossible