A State Of Trance & Armind YouTube channel

A State Of Trance & Armind YouTube channel

March 20th, 2009

Armada Music thought it was time to put our beloved imprints in the spotlights and decided to let them have their own YouTube channels – just because they deserve so! From now on, all old and new releases will be found on separate imprint channels. We’ve kicked off with two of our biggest imprints: A State of Trance & Armind.

As the first imprint of Armada, Armind has a special place in the heart of Armada. With the sweet little Armind Angel as its trademark, Armind is a recognizable and beloved imprint. Armind was founded by Armin van Buuren, who selects the best and most special tunes, often instant classics or glorious future favourites. To top that off Armin chose Armind as the home of all his own productions. The very first release, Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes, turned out to be one of the most loved trance tracks ever released. From big monster tunes Synergy – Hello Strings and Mark Otten – So Serene to exclusive remix packs and tunes that deserve that Armind halo on top.

One of the first imprints of Armada was the A State Of Trance label. Based on Armin van Buuren’s radio show, with over 28 million listeners and transmitted through 40 radio stations worldwide. Armin has a good view on what works and what fits this label, that’s why this imprint contains the best tunes that don’t just work well in the clubs, but also rock your speakers at home. They’ll get you into A State of Trance, with the best and purest yet diverse trance tunes. From instant classics like Signum – Push Through and EnMass – CQ to the freshest tunes from top producers like Robert Nickson, C-quence and Roger Shah

Go check them out and stay updated on the releases!