Out now: Laurent Wolf – Seventies

Out now: Laurent Wolf – Seventies

February 23rd, 2009

French producer and hit-machine Laurent Wolf flashes back to the happy days of the seventies. His new track and collaboration with Mod Martin is a mixture of pumping disco, glamrock and a typical 70′s vocal style. ‘Seventies’ comes with an official music video, filled with Rollerdisco dancers, 70′s dancing, big hair and a lot of bright colours, making it a perfect match to the track.

French producer/DJ Laurent Wolf has left quite an impression with ‘No Stress’. It was one of the biggest radio-hits of 2008 and the official music video received more than 11,5 million views on YouTube.com. After hitting the charts with ‘No Stress’ and ‘Wash My World’, Laurent Wolf is now colouring the world with his new single ‘Seventies’. It’s time for everyone to put on their pink glasses, upgrade their hair and let that Seventies flashback take over.

With his new ‘Seventies’ track, Laurent Wolf brings a worthy follow-up to his past successes.

Watch the videoclip now at www.armadamusic.tv

Laurent Wolf - Seventies