Out on vinyl: A State of Trance vinyl sampler 07

Out on vinyl: A State of Trance vinyl sampler 07

January 22nd, 2009

A State of Trance vinyl sampler 07
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The A State of Trance imprint delivers another trio-pack of pure trancers! This time, the stunning melodies and tempting beats of Nickson & Kandi, Signum and Dan Stone are ready to strike and hit.

Nickson & Kandi’s ‘Rewire’ is the result of the second team-up of Robert Nickson and Daniel Kandi, both praised for their true trance sound. Euphoric times are on their way, as soon as you press the play button on this one. ‘Rewire’ has a strong and steady build-up, leading to a powerful, all-hands-in-the-air type of break that’ll sweep every trance lover off their feet.

Dutch trance veterans Signum might be producing for more than 10 years, that doesn’t mean they haven’t developed their skills. ‘Distant Signature’ is another piece of evidence that these guys have no intention of losing their beloved pure trance sound. ‘Distant Signature’ has the characteristic synths, beats and break any trance lover would favour.

Same thing goes for ‘Touchdown in Singapore’. Dan Stone delivers true, uplifting synths, a steady build-up, pumping base and a powerful revelation of it all in the break. ‘Touchdown in Singapore’ has all the ingredients for a fierce trancer to rock and shock the scene.

1. Robert Nickson & Daniel Kandi – Rewire
2. Signum – Distant Signature
3. Dan Stone – Touchdown in Singapore