The Best of the labels 2008

The Best of the labels 2008

January 20th, 2009

A State of Trance, The Best of 2008

With 115 pure trance releases, divided over 5 years, the A State of Trance imprint is considered one of the most respected and beloved labels around. Label owner Armin van Buuren selected the best releases of 2008 and put them into this stunning download pack.
Envio - A State of Trance, the Best of 2008

Captivating Sounds, The Best of 2008

Captivating Sounds, as the name will tell you, is always on the lookout for fresh, captivating, catchy tracks. Find out which tunes formed the center of attention on this label.
Paul Webster - Captivating Sounds - The Best of 2008

Coldharbour Recordings, The Best of 2008

Markus Schulz’ Coldharbour Recordings has been going strong for several years. 2008 was filled with strong, progressive and trancy releases. The Best of 2008 contains a special selection of the highlights of 2008 from the label!
Mr. Pit - Coldharbour Recordings - The Best of 2008