New Arrivals: Dave Graham

New Arrivals: Dave Graham

January 15th, 2009

Sometimes the good stuff comes unexpected. UK producer Dave Graham is one of the lucky new talents that has his first release on the well respected Soundpiercing imprint: a dream come true, one might say. Dave: ‘It was hard to believe a track that we worked on in a couple of days just sending each other files on MSN would be coming out on Armada.’ Time to pinch Dave and welcome him to reality.

A thing called music
Dave Graham, though new to the scene and well, quite new to the toys and machines that regulate producing too, we have to admit he’s got what it takes to make a pretty fine tune. After several top notch remix work, he has now taken things a step further. ‘Love Always Fades’, with the lovely vocals of Cat Martin, has just been released on the Soundpiercing imprint and is rocking the trance scene with its lush vocals and proggy trance sound. Time to find out where that talent and interest exactly springs from. Dave: ‘It all started with a Playstation game called Music 3000 back in 2003. Curiosity got the better of me about this game, anytime beforehand I would have never thought about making my own music. Just being able to understand the basics were big steps for me. Between 2003 and 2005 I spent a lot of my time exploring the dj’ing route to dance music, before I realized that making the music was more down my street. In 2005 I made the move to PC programs. The very first program I got for the PC, called ‘Magix Music Maker’ was perfect for me to start and understand Midi and Vst FX and instruments at a beginner level. About a year after working on that I started to buy magazines such as Music Tech Computer Music and Future Music. All persuaded me to move to Ableton Live which I use to make all my tracks with at the moment.’

Pigeon hole your style
By experimenting and exploring, Dave started to shape his own sound. Dave: ‘If I were to pigeon hole my style it would be melodic trance with a progressive feel. It can step out of that and into more experimental EDM but my main sound would be trance and all sub-genres.’
The melodic trance with a proggy feel label sure fits ‘Love Always Fades’. For this track, Dave teamed up with singer Cat Martin. Dave: ‘I posted an advertisement on a Northern Ireland music community website called Fastfude and Cat answered saying she wanted to get into trance vocals. It’s quite special, as neither of us had visited the site before and we actually grew up 5 minutes from each other but had never met before.” That’s when things really started to get interesting though. Dace and Cat worked on some ideas and slowly ‘Love Always Fades’ started to grow form. Dave: ‘When we had a final version Cat sent it to Armin hoping he would play it on A State of Trance. I was stunned when she sent me an email saying Armada was interested in signing our track, because of Armada being such a huge trance label and this being my first time ever working with a vocalist. The last thing we expected with this track was for it to be released by Armada, which I am very proud of. It was hard to believe a track that we worked on in a couple of days just sending each other files on MSN would be coming out on Armada Music.’

Love Always Fades
The musical chemistry between Cat and Dave resulted in ‘Love Always Fades’, a warm, little bit mysterious prog trancer. It passes the obvious ‘love never fades’ rules and brings a totally different message. Dave: ‘It’s basically about cheating, but in a poor relationship where there is dishonesty between both people. ‘But you could save me from this nightmare’, the lyrics in the track, I think relates to being at someone’s mercy. They could treat you better if they wanted…but they don’t. That was the first idea we had for the song and it went from there.’ Sounds like a plan.
We wonder what more is to expect of this new talent. Dave: ‘Well, I hope to do more progressive trance tracks like ‘Love Always Fades’ with Cat but I would also like to do some big room tracks that suit the dance floors during peak time. Something with a lot of energy and drive.’ We can’t wait.

Love Always Fades
Dave Graham feat. Cat Martin

1. Love Always Fades (Original Mix)
2. Love Always Fades (Michael de Kooker Remix)
3. Love Always Fades (Radio Edit)