Laurent Wolf’s ‘Wash My World’ is out now!

Laurent Wolf’s ‘Wash My World’ is out now!

October 1st, 2008

Please stand by, for the follow-up of massive summer tune and ex-Radio 538 Dance Smash ‘No stress’ by Laurent Wolf is about to wash your world and rock it. ‘Wash My World’ is the second single of his similarly called album, and is out now!

French dance sensation Laurent Wolf is no newbie to the scene and has been experimenting with records and mixing sounds long before he finally got his big breakthrough. With a long history of experience in his pocket, he’s been on his way to show the world what he’s capable of for a couple of years now. And be sure, the world is listening.

We’re confident ‘Wash my world’ is going to be just as big as ‘No stress’, which was the best selling and most played song in France for weeks and entered the top charts all around the world. ‘Wash my world’ has the same positive vibe, with housy, sturdy vocals and a trancy touch to it. And it’s already been added to the playlist of Dutch stations TMF and Slam FM. It’s obvious, Laurent is on his way to wash your ears and teach you some lessons on what good house sounds like!

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