StoneBridge presents The Best Of Stoney Boy

StoneBridge presents The Best Of Stoney Boy

July 17th, 2008

StoneBridge presents the best of his own label Stoney Boy, 26 of the best house tracks mixed together in a seamless mix. Featuring tracks by Axwell, Third Member, Christian Alvarez, Spirit ID and ofcourse StoneBridge himelf.

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01. Disco Dude – Get Up (Original Mix)
02. The Adjuster – Breakdown (StoneBridge Re-Edit)
03. Christian Alvarez – Intergalactic Voyager (StoneBridge Mix)
04. Antonia – All The World (Stoney’s Hard Vox Mix)
05. Disco Dude – Get Up On The Dancefloor
06. Robbie Rivera – The Ultimate Disco Groove (Groove Express Mix)
07. StoneBridge – All Night Long (StoneBridge Remix)
08. Twin – Bring Back The Funk (StoneBridge Mix)
09. Antonia – Do You Know (Stoney’s Gangsta Mix)
10. Axwell – Jazzplayer (StoneBridge Mix)
11. Nightvision – Ready For The Weekend (Stoney’s Lesson 4 Mix)
12. Disco Dude – Throw Your Head Up
13. Full Continuous DJ Mix StoneBridge Part 1
14. Jill Jones – Someone To Jump Up (Funky Junction & Korovin Mix)
15. Fudge ft Ann Jung – Fruitcake (StoneBridge Mix)
16. Stephanie B – Sweetest Taboo (StoneBridge Future Retro Mix)
17. StoneBridge – Close To Heaven (Club Mix)
18. Star Alliance – PVC (Eric Prydz Mix)
19. Third Member – Let Everything Drop (StoneBridge Mix)
20. Spirit ID – Arabian Night (StoneBridge Mix)
21. Zentribe – I Just Love (Tom Belton Mix)
22. Third Member – Tidal Flow (Lil’ Joey Re-Edit)
23. StoneBridge – You Don’t Know (Club Mix)
24. Chris Kaeser & Rita Campbell – Rush (StoneBridge Mix)
25. StoneBridge – SOS (Club Mix)
26. Full Continuous DJ Mix StoneBridge Part 2

Coming up in August: StoneBridge – The Flavour, The Vibe 2. More info coming soon!