Simmonds & Jones – Interpretations

Simmonds & Jones – Interpretations

June 12th, 2008

Simmonds & Jones are one of electronic music’s most critically acclaimed songwriting/production teams, being the driving force behind major acts such as Lustral, Chakra, The Space Brothers, Oxygen, The Realm, Force Majeure and Ascension.

Over the last decade they have released over 50 singles with independent and major labels including Manifesto, Virgin, Zomba, Perfecto, MCA, Ministry Of Sound, 3Beat Breaks, Hooj Choons, East West, Platipus, Ultra, Media, Sony, AM:PM, Cheeky, ZTT, Captivating Sounds, Additive, Xtravaganza, Boss and Warner Brothers. They have had 13 top 40 hits in the UK, and their songs have featured on compilations that have sold in excess of 14 million units worldwide.

Aside from their recording work, Simmonds & Jones have been actively involved in various other projects that include remixes, collaborations, film and television work. They have written music for the television series ‘The Sopranos’, plus tracks for films including ‘Manumission – The Movie’ and the John Travolta film – ‘Swordfish’. Ricky and Steve are also playing a major role in the digital music revolution. They founded the world famous dance music download store –, which now sells music from over 4000 dance labels across the globe.

Collaborating with many of their favourite singers and musicians from their previous projects, Simmonds & Jones have created ‘Interpretations’ – an album packed with beautiful songs that Ricky and Steve regard as the best work they have ever recorded.

Track Listing:
01. For A Lifetime
02. Heaven Will Come
03. Legacy
04. Home
05. Kaleidoscope Of Memories
06. Someone
07. I Am
08. Troubled Soul
09. Many Years From Now
10. Shine
11. Love Shines Through
12. Am I On Your Mind

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And the winner is Marc Bollongino, congratulations with your copy of Interpretations.

1) Lustral
2) Chakra
3) The Space Brothers
4) Oxygen
5) The Realm


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