Markus Schulz at Sensation White Czech Republic and Latvia

Markus Schulz at Sensation White Czech Republic and Latvia

May 30th, 2008

In the past few years, the Sensation White brand has expanded itself globally, building on its immense success of the annual outing in The Netherlands. The philosophy of the event is simple, “Be Part Of The Night – Dress In White”. For clubbers who have travelled the world over, the effect has remained universal, Sensation provides an unforgettable experience.

As a DJ, being asked to perform at the Sensation events signifies a landmark achievement in your career. Markus Schulz played his first and second Sensation Whtie events in 2007, and this year he returns for the editions held in Czech Republic and Latvia, on successive weekends.

Markus regards the Sensation White events as being “an inspirational moment in life”. Many of the tracks he reconstructs in the studio are created in mind for events just like this. For those lucky to have obtained a ticket for either event, they will witness Markus unleashing his trademark dark, brooding, melodic tech-trance sound to maximum effect.

Sensation White Czech Republic (02 Arena in Prague) – May 31st 2008
Sensatino White Latvia (Riga Arena in Riga) – June 7th 2008

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