New Album StoneBridge – Music Takes Me Out Now!

New Album StoneBridge – Music Takes Me Out Now!

June 21st, 2007

After StoneBridge’s acclaimed debut album Can’t Get Enough’ that was released in 2005, StoneBridge went on a massive tour to promote the singles and albums in the many countries it was released in. Even though some ideas came about in the beginning of the year, the bulk of the work on the follow up started late summer 2006. As the formula using different singers on each song worked so well, StoneBridge decided to follow a similar path on the new album, but to develop the sound for a more album oriented collection. Many of the singers and writers from the debut album were invited back, but StoneBridge found new talent on his tours all over the world.

The first song on the new album, the title song ‘Music Takes Me’ features a new Swedish talent called Yota, who has a unique tone that blends perfectly with StoneBridge’s sexy groove. ‘Close To Heaven’ brings back one of StoneBridge’s long standing collaborators, Rita Campbell, but also Australian newcomer Jordana, who StoneBridge discovered in a club on Bondi Beach 2006. Next is the first single from the album, ‘SOS’ that features UK singer Erire. The song went through a lot of changes and mixes and the album version is actually StoneBridge’s club mix and the original, which was one of the first tracks he worked on for the new album, didn’t fit in once the sound developed on the other tracks. Track four, ‘You Don’t Know’ features another well known UK singer called Kenny Thomas, also a returning collaborator from the first album. This is the second single to be lifted from the album.

‘Just You & I’ with Julie Morrison, who together with Rita is one of StoneBridge’s favorite writing partners, is also a fantastic singer. The track is a bridge between the two albums and exposes StoneBridge’s love for British retro funk. Rita Campbell returns with ‘A Love Thing’, which was one of the first finished tracks of the project. A StoneBridge album without a Latin track wouldn’t work and luckily Isabel Fructuoso delivers on ‘Nothing Without Me’, which was originally recorded in 2001, but not completed until now. On ‘Take Me I’m Yours’, StoneBridge goes back to his anthem roots with Tara Mc Donald, whose voice impressed StoneBridge when he remixed Arman Van Helden’s ‘My My My’ in 2006 and subsequently led to a collaboration that will continue long after this album. Another Australian talent discovered on the same tour as Jordana is Nic Kat, who sings ‘I Believe In Love’, a track co-written with Rita Campbell. A hidden gem towards the end is ‘Feeling 4 U’ introducing Claire Rodriguez, who contacted StoneBridge via My Space and kept pushing until this track was born.

‘Let Me In’, again with Tara Mc Donald is a collaboration between StoneBridge and one of his hip hop loving sons, Young Axel, who delivered the track and a touch of electronic funk. The closing track, ‘All I Can Think Of Is You’ with Yota providing the sparse but emotional vocal on the Trevor Horn a la Grace Jones musical vibe, is one of StoneBridge’s personal all time favorite productions.

The album was produced and mixed between September 2006 and March 2007 at StoneBridge Productions in Stockholm.

01. Music Takes Me
02. Close To Heaven
03. S.O.S.
04. You Don`t Know
05. Just U & I
06. A Love Thing
07. Nothing Without Me
08. Take Me I’m Yours
09. I Believe In Love
10. Feeling 4 U
11. Let Me In
12. All I Can Think Of Is You

Out now!

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