Win a Gio-Goi shirt!

Win a Gio-Goi shirt!

June 18th, 2007

It seems if, everywhere you look these days, you see young edgy people wearing trendy Gio-Goi street gear.

The Gio-Goi label born out of the electronic music scene of the 1980s and relaunched in 2005, is on a roll, dressing a new generation of musicians ranging from rock icon Pete Doherty to hip hop star Mike Skinner from The Streets and Kasabian. Now the famous Armada related super star DJ’s; Remy, Perry O’Neil and Mischa Daniels wear Gio-Goi in their own unique way.

The Manchester brand was founded by the Donnelly-brothers. Anthony and Christopher Donnelly first made their name in the world of dance culture, hosting some of the first warehouse parties in Manchester and London. Their knowledge of street-level culture helped to influence the rise of the dance phenomenon.

With no fashion expertise, they used their street knowledge and connections in club land to sell T-shirts to party goers. It soon became apparent that the brothers had a natural talent that was waiting to explode.

Anthony and Christopher decided to take the fashion industry by storm, dressing their friends in music and media industries. Gio-Goi was born.

The brand attracts people from fashion, music and media because of its rich history in the roots of music. That heritage can not be manufactured, and that’s what these creative people see.

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Armada Music and Gio-Goi give you the chance to win an a Gio-Goi shirt. The only thing you have to do is tell us what the country of origin is of Gio-Goi. E-mail your answer to