Harry Lemon update

Harry Lemon update

October 25th, 2006

It doesn’t come as a suprise that Harry Lemon’s first ever produced ‘Model8′ from 1993 got a re-release on Richie Hawtin’s Plus8 label in 2006. Even after 13 years it still rocked clubs and festivals on a worldwide scale, once again proving Lemon’s ability to produce tracks that stands the test of time.

Lately, inbetween succesful DJ-gigs around the world, Harry has been keeping himself busy in the studio for quite some time, to the point of almost becoming a reclusive. Already ‘Tiga’ and ‘Rise!’ had been very succesfull, doing the rounds across the globe. But that’s only scratching the surface as Lemon’s new ‘Disco Demon Series’ is bound to conquer the world in a grand scale.

While still all tracks of the series are peaktime danceflloor monsters, it also shows a darker and deeper side of Lemon. Sonic landscapes with layers of contrasting emotions enables you to listen to it at different levels, wether in the club, in your car or at home. Indeed, it’s once again ‘a soundtrack reflecting life’ as Harry likes to put it himself.

But Harry’s Bandung label has more up it’s sleeve. The coming months releases such as Airhustlers’ ‘Downtime’ and a song called ‘Dry Land’ by Oceanbloem will keep the label’s profile as provider of quality vocal tunes in the progressive realm, as high as it’s ever been.