M.I.K.E. – The Perfect Blend

M.I.K.E. – The Perfect Blend

May 22nd, 2006

While Mike Dierickx has already released 6 albums under various guises (including Push and Plastic Boy), enjoyed dance and chart success all over the world, and remixed everybody from Sinead ‘O Connor to Moby, “The Perfect Blend” is his debut artist album as M.I.K.E. It encapsulates two years of work, and spans everything from techno to trance, tech house to electro, and is equally listenable whether you’re chilling out or firing up for a big night out.

Belgium-based Mike has been obsessed with producing music since the age of 10, when Depeche Mode wowed him with a full synth electro performance on TV; he went on to release his first track at 18 and never looked back. While most DJs dabble with producing, Mike is a producer who has always been passionate about making music, with his sets generally comprising 40-50% of his own productions.

Mike joined Armada Music on its inception three years ago at the request of Armin van Buuren, setting up his Club Elite label within the group. ‘Armin and I had DJed together over the years, and he was always a supporter of my productions,’ says Mike. ‘I respected him for what he did, and he’s a strong figurehead for the label. It’s a great team of people so it wasn’t a hard decision.’

The “Perfect Blend”, out on Armada Music, is a musical journey: ‘This album reflects perfectly what I am for the moment, and represents the music I play,’ Mike says. The name comes from two things that happened while I was producing the album – my brother passed away while my wife was pregnant with our first child, so I had a lot of conflicting emotions. “The Perfect Blend” is about how there’s always a positive side, and when you mix everything together you get a perfect balance.’

From the driving tech trance of “For Always In My Heart” through the lush pads of “Swoon”, featuring electro kitschy vocals from Lux Lisbon, the album has it all, and comes with a bonus CD featuring the best of M.I.K.E.’s three years with Armada. ‘All the tracks are different – music has to move forward’ says Mike, ‘but they all have meaning, and I hope people enjoy the story when they listen.’


1. Lost My Way
2. For Always In My Heart
3. Hollow Dream
4. Salvation
5. Time Is Running Out
6. Swoon Feat. Lux Lisbon
7. The Perfect Blend
8. Innerlife
9. Voices From The Inside”
10. Believe In Miracles

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1. Totally Fascinated (Original Mix)
2. One Night In N.Y.
3. Massive Motion (Original Mix)
4. Fuego Caliente (Original Mix)
5. Intruder Feat. Armin (M.I.K.E.’S Rework)
6. Pound Feat. Armin (Original Mix)
7. Strange World (M.I.K.E.’S 2006 Rework)
8. Turn Out The Lights And Outro

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