Stoney Boy and Armada Music join forces

June 21st, 2005

Armada Music and StoneBridge join forces for StoneBridge’s imprint ‘Stoney Boy Music’. First release on the label within the new set up is Spirit ID’s ‘Arabian Night’ appearing right after this summer with mixes from StoneBridge and Olav Basoski.

Second half of 2005 also sees the launch of a compilation series mixed by StoneBridge. After David Lewis Productions (Armada’s affiliated booking agency) having picked up DJ bookings for StoneBridge, this is an ideal extension of the collaboration.

StoneBridge says “After having a US based label since 1997 it made sense to move it back to Europe and integrate it with the DJ bookings”. J.M. Knopper who is involved with the management of Stonebridge; “Having worked with both David Lewis and Maykel Piron in the past I am happy to work with them again, turning Stoney Boy Music into a worldwide success”.