Arctic Quest - Love Is A Bird

Arctic Quest - Love Is A Bird

SPC034 - October 27th, 2008

Dutch producer Arctic Quest sure has his own ideas when it comes to love. But not just love, Arctic Quest also has his personal view on music. Put these two together and you get a solid new production, called 'Love is a Bird'.

Like a bird, flying up in misty skies, with nothing but depth underneath him, this production has a deep and calm build-up and is pushed forward by the beat underneath the carrying wings of a calm break with a profound bass and frisky effects that play with the melody. 'Love is a Bird' sounds like its title, with the Tech mix sounding a bit more dark and rougher, like a storm changing a soft breeze to a raging squall of sounds. If love really is a bird, we're certain you will be flying a couple of meters above the floor while hearing this.


Tiesto: Full support on the Tech mix!

Sander van Doorn: Absolutely love the tech mix! Full Support!

Sied van Riel: The techmix for me


  1. Love Is A Bird (Tech Mix) (07:02)
  2. Love Is A Bird (Original Mix) (11:12)