Various Artists - Intuition Recordings Collected, Vol. 1

ARVA214 - November 30th, 2012

Set up in 2005 by Dutch DJ/producer Menno de Jong, it didn’t take long until Intuition Recordings had its grip on trance land. With its magical, mind-dazzling releases by some of the most promising talents in the scene, Intuition became a realm for those on the look-out for quality trance and progressive. 7 years later, the label, along with its events and radio show, has stopped. But that doesn’t mean that the legendary tunes go to waste.

The ‘Intuition Recordings Collected’ series brings you its musical highlights, with the tunes of Orjan Nilsen, Kimoto Lopez, Jonas Steur, Leon Bolier, Duderstadt, Shane Halcon, Airbase and of course Menno de Jong himself! Enjoy these true trance anthems and relive those memories!