Different Pieces

Different Pieces

Josh Gabriel’s Different Pieces label, founded in 2008, is now part of the large collection of imprints residing under Armada Music.

Label owner Josh Gabriel has decided to team up with Armada Music for several reasons. Josh: “The way dance music reaches the people that love it has changed dramatically in the last 5 years. The closing of a large number of record shops and the popularity of download sites like Beatport and iTunes means that labels need to find new ways to reach people. Armada Music has built a network of music lovers worldwide, and through this partnership, we hope to bring our sound to those that want to come and listen.” The Different Pieces label has released some very diverse tracks so far, ranging from chunky progressive to pounding melodic techno with plenty of drama.

Josh: “The style representing the label can be anything from instrumental and vocal tracks to music for your soul and cutting edge productions for your mind.” Early releases included tracks from Stel, Francis Preve, Josh Gabriel, and a new project called Winter Kills.

Josh Gabriel has a lifetime of musical achievements and knowledge behind him. Gabriel started his career as a sound engineer, winning a platinum record for mastering a Disney soundtrack, and he founded ‘MixmanTechnologies’, the first company to bring digital audio remixing to the masses. Eventually, Gabriel rose to international fame as part of the duo Gabriel & Dresden. Gabriel won seven industry awards for producing, songwriting, and DJing, and he also achieved seventeen number #1 Billboard Dance Chart hits. In 2008 he decided to go solo and start his own label: Different Pieces. It’s a record label that also handles ‘the different pieces’ of an artist’s career, from management to promotion.

Both Josh Gabriel and Armada Music are pleased with this deal and look forward to a successful collaboration.

Latest releases on this label: