Armin Only – Intense Road Movie Episode 16: From Melbourne to Sydney

July 21st, 2014

In this brand new episode of the Armin Only Intense road movie, we follow Armin and his crew from Manila to Taipei. As the tour progresses, the signs of fatigue are becoming apparent and the crew needs to get creative to stay awake and get pumped for the shows!

For both the dancers and the artists, who need to stay fit throughout the tour, the exhausting hours are becoming a real challenge. With every venue posing its own unique challenges to the dancers, they need to practice their routine daily, eating away at their precious energy.

Even though life on the road isn’t all fun and games, the crew is becoming like an actual family! Always there for each other, providing every single member of the crew with the energy to put forth the most incredible show ever! For Armin and his crew, the pace and heat need some getting used too, nevertheless they manage to put together another two incredible shows, resulting in the Armin Only tour to get more and more intense by the show.

Watch the episode now to find out everything there is to know about life on the road!