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Armin van Buuren Tunes Remixed

Some of the world's most talented producers have had the chance to remix Armin van Buuren's tracks, giving his sound a spin or creativity. Rediscover Armin's tracks, remixed!

Armada Stream 40

Armada Music presents a weekly list with 40 of the hottest releases! With a new flow of music, comes a new Stream 40! It embodies the most popular tracks of the dance floor, in the global charts and on social media,  and is your weekly...

Armada Chill Out Radio

Kick back, relax and let the music take over. Armada's Chill Out playlist is made up with the best down-tempo tracks and translations, getting under your skin from the very moment you press play.

Armada House Radio

Blockrockin' beats and floor-sweeping melodies. No matter which flavour of house rocks your world, the Armada House playlist needs no further seasoning.

Armin Radio

The best music selected by Armin van Buuren.

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