StoneBridge celebrates release of ‘The Morning After’ album in Escape

StoneBridge celebrates release of ‘The Morning After’ album in Escape

April 6th, 2010

Swedish DJ/producer StoneBridge has given you another reason to chain yourself to your stereo. His third artist album ‘The Morning After’ is ruling the speakers with his trademarked sound: soulful, sexy and steaming hot house. But this experienced club DJ wouldn’t be where he is today – if he wasn’t up for a little party to celebrate this milestone. So let go of that stereo and head off to the Escape venue in downtown Amsterdam, cause this Friday, the 9th of April is all about the ‘StoneBridge Worldwide Album Release Party’.

Six years after his debut album ‘Can’t Get Enough’ and more than 20 years after his first release, StoneBridge hands in his third artist album, released at Armada Music. Countless hit singles, such as ‘Put ‘Em High’, ‘SOS’ and ‘You Don’t Know’, and a legion of remixes for the likes of Robin S, Britney Spears, Lenny Kravitz, Robbie Williams, Ne-Yo and Lily Allen stirred up the dance scene for what is now to come. ‘The Morning After’ is a ten track ride into the Stoney Boy flavor, vocally supported by talents such as Dayeene, La Trice and Erire.

To complete the release of this long awaited album, Armada Music and Republic organized a special release party in one of the hottest clubs of Amsterdam: Escape. Besides our man of the night, StoneBridge himself, the line-up also serves the beats of Baggi Begovic, Jaz Von D., Rishi Romero and Lil Joey. Last but not least, MC Iceman will voice-guide you through the night. Tickets for the ‘StoneBridge Worldwide Album Release Party’ are now available via .

StoneBridge Worldwide Album Release Party
Friday April 9th 2010, 23:00-05:00
Escape Venue, Amsterdam
Line-up: StoneBridge (SWE), Lil Joey (UK), Baggi Begovic, Jaz Von D., Rishi Romero, MC Iceman
Tickets: € 14,- (ex presale fee)

Pre-order the ‘The Morning After’ album on iTunes.