Intense madness

May 2nd, 2013

It’s got to be the most typed and most heard word for 2013: Intense. The fans may be excited for the new album of Armin van Buuren, but we’re outrageously excited! Preparing its release, we’ve spent months and months planning, brainstorming and hyping the 16-track follow-up album to ‘Mirage’, ‘Imagine’, ‘Shivers’ and ‘76’. This Friday, it lands…and we can’t wait to finally share our excitement!

The intense privilege
Working at Armada Music sure gives you certain privileges. And boy, did we make the Armin fans jealous. For weeks, we’ve been exploring the tracks on ‘Intense’, playing them on the office speakers as loud as we can. And we simply couldn’t help tweeting and posting about it. While most Armin fans still need to learn the lyrics, we’re already singing along to songs such as ‘Beautiful Life’, ‘Alone’, ‘Turn This Love Around’ and ‘Won’t Let You Go’. Can you imagine us behind our desks, singing from the top of our lungs, doing office karaoke to ‘Intense’? Yes, we did!

Like always, everyone has their own personal favourites. While Rogier instantly picked ‘Beautiful Life’, Bastiaan kept ‘Last Stop Before Heaven’ on repeat. Evert had fallen in love with ‘Alone’, Albert couldn’t get over the incredible hit that was ‘This Is What It Feels Like’ and me…well, I think I’ve played ‘Turn This Love Around’ about a hundred times. And guess what, I still love it!

Armin’s intense insecurity
When dropping off the ‘A State of Trance 2013’ album at Armin’s place earlier this year, he invited us into his studio to come check out some tunes of the new album. Right there, in the few square metres where all the magic happens, he hit play on title-track ‘Intense’. Goosebumps and shivers, I can tell you. Time really did stand still for a moment. The violin of Miri Ben-Ari, the incredible fusion of classical and electronic dance music, the Daft Punk ode right after the break…it’s simply mind-blowing. And guess what Armin said? “I’m afraid my fans may not like it.” We’d just heard a masterpiece that he’d been working on for 2 years, and the man that goes by the title ‘number one DJ in the world’ told us he’s afraid. Insecure, in fear of the reactions to this insanely good piece of music he had just blown us away with. And that, dear Armin fans, is what makes him the great artist that he is. He’s a perfectionist. Ready to explore the boundaries of his own music, without ever keeping his fans out of mind.

So, all of us at Armada Music hope you enjoy the album as much as we do. Put the volume on max, keep an open mind, close your eyes and simply let it take over. Remember how much work, love and passion has been put into it. These are ‘Intense’ times, and we love it!

Much love,

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