6 Months at Armada Music: A Real Eye Opener

April 2nd, 2013

Since October 2012, I’ve had the privilege to work at one of the most prestigious and appreciated record labels around, Armada Music. While initially applying for the position of Social Media Assistant, I was given the task of splitting and uploading the entire A State Of Trance Radio episodes back catalogue to Spotify, some 600 episodes!

While some might think this would be boring, I found this tedious job to be extremely interesting and quite challenging. Working backwards from the latest episodes, I was literally going through the history of trance. It’s amazing to hear the musical styles change over the years of ASOT in such shortened time. With every episode, I went back in time in MY memory too, recognizing old favourites and the memories I associated with them.

When I arrived, I was very aware of the demand for music, but being almost completely oblivious to the supply side of the music industry, I have also learnt a great deal about the processes and people that provide us with Trance (and other genres for that matter). This ranges from beginning to understand copyrights & publishing to how royalties work. Of course (for splitting the episodes) the use of Ableton also became important too. While time did not permit much experimenting, the almost daily use of Ableton has taught me a few tricks, enough to spark my interest in actual producing. With producers like Ruben de Ronde, Renvo and others in abundance at the office, there’s always someone that can share their experiences or show you something new. Furthermore, my personal DJ experiences from my time in Kenya at 6:AM Entertainment, gave me a very small head start in splitting tracks.

I could go on about what I have learnt at Armada for quite some time, however, the perks are more fun to write about and are probably more fun to read about too!

Being a dedicated electronic music lover with a particular interest in Trance, some of the more entertaining moments included; going to Armada Night in Amsterdam, participating in the Social Media team for A State Of Trance 600 in Kuala Lumpur, going to A State Of Trance 600 in Sofia (Amazing!!) with a very close friend, sharing Markus Schulz’ Birthday cake with him and my colleagues, and of course meeting the Armada artists that come by every now and then.

The friendly atmosphere & interaction between colleagues, the (usually) good and loud music playing from the speakers and the constant buzz at the office, have made working at Armada an amazing and unforgettable experience!

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Mark V.