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February 7th, 2013

Armada Music celebrates its ten year anniversary in 2013. Throughout these years the way in which you and I consume our music has evolved and changed tremendously. Do you still remember where you started your search for new music back in those days when there wasn’t such a thing as YouTube or Facebook? I visited my local record store (for those of you who can’t remember: a physical shop available in every local city centre with thousands and thousands of physical CD’s) at least once a week. I spent hours of my life checking out the best new albums and compilations of my favorite artists and labels.

Actually, that didn’t really change, I still do. But the way in which I consume my music has become so much more convenient nowadays. Thanks to Apple’s iTunes Store, I can stay inside and buy all my favorite music as digital downloads, without heading out into the cold. And with my Premium Spotify account next to that, I can listen to all music I want, anytime anyplace, for only a fraction of the money I was spending on music in 2003.

These new possibilities and recent technological improvements have made my personal musical experience so much better. It’s easier to discover new music, as both iTunes and Spotify make suggestions of other artists and tracks you might like as well, based on your play history. And what about those great playlist features that allow you to create a perfect playlist for every occasion: a banging party playlist filled with the hottest dance floor tracks to get you going on a Saturday night, a laidback and loungy one for the day after, or the ever-balanced  Armada Music Radio playlist, providing hours of the finest tunes during your work days at the office.

Of course everyone has their own preference when it comes to listening to music. Whether that’s a CD, a download bundle, a streaming playlist or maybe even still vinyl, us at Armada Music try to service our friends and fans in all possible manners by spreading and sharing our music through the different channels. If you haven’t tried downloads on iTunes or streaming through Spotify yet, take a moment of your time and test it yourself. I’m sure you’ll like it as much as I do.

- Ralf van de Ven, Head of Concept Marketing

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