ASOT 600: a sunny day & wicked night in Madrid

February 25th, 2013

Being the Product Manager of the A&R department of Armada Music, my job is to take care new signings get processed through the system. Another fun part of my job is to be in touch with the artists and sometimes meet up with them and check out their gigs. This time, I met up with Alexander Popov for his gig at ASOT600 in Madrid!

Alex is an amazingly talented artist, and we’re very happy to be releasing his music. After meeting up for lunch, we did a little sightseeing outside the hotel. For both of us if felt like summer over there, since Madrid was very sunny with 17 degrees Celcius. When I left Amsterdam it was snowy and -5, and where Alexander lives it was -20, so it was very pleasant to grab some sunshine in Madrid. The perks of working at Armada!

Since neither of us wanted to miss out on the ASOT madness, we took off to Florida Park around 7PM. Armin had already started his warm up set, a great set with nice proggy, deep tunes to get into the mood for partying. Alexander joined Ruben de Ronde and Armin for an interview and a short guest appearance behind the decks on the regular ASOT show before kicking off the event as the first DJ to play. Being the opening DJ is not always easy, but the Spanish crowd had already been warmed up by Armin very well, so it took off instantly. The venue and crowd had a fantastic atmosphere and you could really feel the love for music. This year, Valentine’s Day had turned into ASOT600 Day!

The sets of Lange, Ronski Speed and Giuseppe Ottaviani rocked. But when Armin came on, the crowd went absolutely nuts. In the meantime, I kept shooting pictures of the studio and crowd.  I sent them to my instagram account so the ASOTlive team at the Armada headquarters could use them to share with all ASOT listeners. From what I’ve heard, it was also ASOT madness on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, with people sharing their ASOT experience with the entire world.

It was great fun to see the other side of the ASOT live broadcasts and be part of this special happening. Also, it was very nice meeting up and getting along with the fans! I’m very much looking forward to the next editions of ASOT600, though listening from the office and spreading the word via Armada’s social media! So maybe we’ll speak soon! ;-)

Enjoy ASOT600!