10 years of Armada classics – the staff favourites

February 3rd, 2013

Armada Music wouldn’t be the successful record company it is today, if it wasn’t all about the love for music! Our team has one thing in common: we love electronic dance music. And some of the tunes we’ve released throughout the past 10 years of our existence have moved us so much, that they’re now part of our ultimate favourites. Time for an exclusive look inside the musical taste of some of our Armada colleagues! These are our favourite Armada classics…

Maykel, CEO of Armada Music:
Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes [Armind]
“’As The Rush Comes’ was our very first signing on Armada, and it’s simply awesome! Those days we still sold vinyl’s. The vinyl configuration sold over 18.000 copies. Tune!!!”
Onno, A&R:
Matthew Dekay – Clearing The Mind
[Electronic Elements]
“There are so many classics, so I actually can’t pick one specific. But if I’d have to go for a classic not too obvious, it’s ‘Clearing The Mind’ from Matthew Dekay. Still remember when I heard it first and still like it a lot.”
Charlotte, Social Media Manager:
W&W – Shotgun [Mainstage]
“During Electronic Family in 2012 W&W played this track and the entire crowd went crazy. The vibe was great and from that moment on, every time I hear this track it puts a smile on my face.”
Marije, International PR & Promotion:
Glenn Morisson – No Sudden Moves [Pilot 6]
“Great track! But besides that, it reminds me of my vinyl era at Armada.  I was responsible for vinyl productions.  We repressed this vinyl many times. I literally see a vinyl spinning around on a turntable every time I hear ‘No Sudden Moves’.“
Roy, Social Media Manager:
Armin van Buuren & DJ Tiësto present Alibi – Eternity
“The first Armind release for me. I bought this in December 2000 on vinyl! Paul van Dyk played this track at Innercity 2000 and I was part of it!”
Sander, A&R:
The Jay Lumen Vibe – Siren [Electronic Elements]
“Way too many big tracks to choose from, so not going for one of the obvious here, but for a track that I consider as a hidden gem: ‘Siren’. By the time I signed this track I was DJ’ing quite a lot and I’ve played this track so many times for really great crowds, therefore it captures a lot of personal memories…once again it’s so hard to pick one, but this is a track I will never forget!”
Bastiaan, International Manager:
Glenn Morrison – No Sudden Moves [Pilot 6 Recordings]
“Because it’s outstanding in any genre, progressive house, trance , techno…whatever you want to call it.”
Rogier, Junior Product Manager:
Rex Mundi – Sandstone [Coldharbour Recordings]
“Quite a recent track (2011) but this 9 minute 30 seconds throughout building track is just fantastic. This is one of those tracks that can be played at any time. Early evening, prime time, close to sunrise or even after that, it just goes off!”
Albert, General Manager:
Ferry Corsten & Chicane – One Thousand Suns [Modena]
“This one hits me on the inside, emotionally. And to me, that’s the essence of music.”
Danielle, Content Manager:
Mike Foyle vs. Signalrunners – Love Theme Dusk (Mike’s Broken Record Mix) [Armind]
“A white sea of 20.000 music lovers stretched out in front of me, as I experienced my very first Sensation White in the Amsterdam Arena. I had waited for this moment for months. As the intro announced Armin van Buuren and he came up, he kicked off his sets with the twinkling, sparkling sounds of ‘Love Theme Dusk’. A moment I’ll never forget, despite it being more than 8 years ago. That very moment, as the sound of Mike Foyle and Signalrunners rushed in, I fell in love with EDM.”
Robert Nickson:
Robert Nickson – Spiral [A State of Trance]
“Blatant self-promotion.”
Ralf, Head of Concept Marketing:
Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes [Armind]
“This is trance. This is quality. This is shivers. This is Armada. Our first release ever and 10 years later still my personal favourite. Brings back a big smile every time this tune streams in my Spotify playlist.”
Evert, Social Media Manager:
Perpetuous Dreamer – Dust.Wav [Armind]
“It’s one of the songs that made me fall in love with trance music in the early 2000′s, when I was still in high school and lived in a boring tiny Dutch village.”
Mark, Upload Manager:
John O’Callaghan – Find Yourself (Cosmic Gate Remix) [Captivating Sounds]
“This track got me through many hours in the car while on various road trips and it reminds me of the days when I used to DJ in Nairobi, Kenya at 6:am! While at the Intuition Deep Vol. 2 release party during ADE 3 years ago, Nic Chagall dropped this track and I sang along as if my life depended on it, and was recognized for this by Nic himself. Enough reasons for me to never stop loving this beautiful tune!”
Dennis, Digital Content Manager:
Dubfire – Roadkill [Electronic Elements]
“This one was released in the summer of 2007 and it was literally everywhere! It was blasting on festival, in clubs, on the radio and of course…in the office!”
Tjerk, Promotion & Product Manager:
Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes [Armind]
“This track is the one that put Armada on the map in one big sweep. The entire dance scene wanted this track after the first plays by Armin from a CDR in 2003 on his ASOT show. As the first Armind release with Armada, this was the biggest track in 2003 to reach the shelves somewhere around September at the end of the Year. I was working at a record store at that time, called Rhythm Import.  The buzz was incredible. I was one of the lucky ones (had to blackmail some people) to get a one sided test-pressing. I think I have this track on about four different vinyl’s or more at home in my collection. When I did the first order with Astral Music, my colleague back then called me mad ‘to pre-order so much on a ‘trance’ track.’ He told me that I had to buy all copies that wouldn’t sell. The vinyl came in and with the Armin remix accompanied on the B-side it was sold out in one afternoon.
For me, the success of Armada Music started with ‘As The Rush Comes’, an all-time ‘überclassic’ that will still move people 10 years from now.”
Gesine, A&R:
Emma Hewitt – Colours
“Emma is one of the most talented vocalists out there for me. Her passion and enthusiasm for music, the beauty of her voice and her genuine character perfectly reflect in ‘Colours’. A classic!”

Ruben de Ronde:
Armin van Buuren feat. Ana Criado – Down To Love [Armada]
I could’ve gone for one of the older tracks, but the reason I picked this is that I think its more timeless than maybe one of my favorite classics. In my books a track should always stur something inside, like raising a smile or that feeling goosebumps exploding out of your arms. I remember the first time hearing it, that really happened, the chord progression really grabbed me somehow! Add the vocals of Ana on top, bliss!