What’s typing at Armada? – Armin’s new bio!

January 30th, 2013

A slight feel of panic takes hold of me. My cheeks turn red. ‘Could you please write a brand new biography for Armin van Buuren?’ is the question that just popped up in my email. Sure! You’d think that after 4,5 years of working at Armada Music I’d be used to projects like these, but the truth of the matter is that I still find it incredibly challenging. But moments and projects like these are exactly what makes working at Armada Music so much fun.

Writing a brand new biography for the world’s number one DJ. WOW. These past years, all I’ve done is adding Armin’s new awards, highlights and releases to his ever-growing list of successes. In the end, the biography wasn’t really a biography anymore, but more a list of facts. And that needed to be changed. Armin, down-to-earth as he is, preferred to keep the focus on his sets, the trance scene and the music, rather than the awards. And so I started collecting my personal memories. Cause underneath my profession as in-house journalist and copywriter for Armada Music, lies an electronic dance music lover and, yes…a big Armin fan!

You see, I was a die-hard Armin fan before I started working at Armada Music. From 2005 to 2008, I followed Armin all across the country, spent hours on his forum and tried everything I could to get a picture with him. Thursday night, there was only one place to find me: behind the computer, listening to A State of Trance and chatting with fellow trance fans. Combining my studies in Communication and interest in writing with my big passion – music, it didn’t take long until I voluntarily started reviewing parties, festivals and EDM albums for an online magazine. Being a regular visitor of the Armada Nights and getting to know the people in the scene, I was lucky enough to get a reply to my unsolicited application, with an invitation by Maykel, the big boss of Armada Music. One month later, having just graduated from my Bachelor of Communication, I started as Armada’s one and only Content Manager. And I haven’t looked back since.

Oh wait, actually I did. I dug deep into my memory, went back to the days when a one hour Armin set equalled a one hour trip to musical heaven. The rush and excitement, the long nights and early mornings, the highlight of my week. Sharing a passion with people from all across the globe, hearing their stories and getting to know them. Not being able to enjoy the day unless you’ve heard that one track for at least 10 times, stuck on repeat. Relive the night again and again, by listening to the live recording of the set or my own, shaky videos. That feeling, is what I wanted to capture in Armin’s new biography. So I listened to Armin’s albums with the volume high up, the world on silent and simply started writing. And guess what? Armin loved it!

I hope you guys and girls also enjoy the read.  You can check out Armin’s brand new 2013 biography right here: http://www.arminvanbuuren.com/biography/



PS: Armin, in case you read this, could you please sign my Armin van Buuren pyjamas sometime?
PS-PS: how do you like my Armin pose, Armin?

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