Dancing in a winter wonderland…

January 16th, 2013

Holland has turned white! On Monday night, the snow started falling and by Tuesday Winter Wonderland was a fact. So, all the Armada colleagues took the sled to work and we built snowmen all day!

… Ehmm… no, I wish!  The way from my home to the office that day can best be described as a challenge. The Armada office is 15 minutes from my house, but this time it took me nearly 30 minutes to arrive! All the streets were slippery and I almost hit the ground, more than once. It seemed I got away with this white little problem quite easy. Most of my colleagues couldn’t even make it to work due to traffic jams, delayed trains etc. and had to turn around and work from home.  Luckily the Armada office is always nice and warm and the hot coco is yours to take, which makes it all worth it! As I returned home I was accompanied by my dear colleague Bastiaan, because you know what they say in Holland; “Gedeelde smart is halve smart” (Google Translate thát)

Nevertheless, snow has got something magical. It’s cosy, it’s romantic and it makes you want to go outside all day, so we did! :)

Much love, from the warm Armada office

ps: Never eat yellow snow…!  ;)

- Charlotte